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Products > YUUSFJI Single finger livescan Information
YUUSFJI Single finger livescan Information
YUUSFJI Single finger livescan Information YUUSFJI Single finger livescan Information YUUSFJI Single finger livescan Information
Product name : YUUSFJI Single finger livescan Information
Product No. : 2023427105121
Color : Black or Green
Input Voltage : 
Weight : 0.35kg
Certifications : FBI PIV-071006,Mobile ID FAP 20
Size : L56 x W31.5 x H13.4mm
Interface : USB 2.0
Operating Temperature : 0 ℃~50℃
Capture Mechanism : Automatic
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Flat Optical Single Finger Fingerprint Image Scanner with USB Connection for Computers and Various Devices, such as Safes, Fingerprint Locks, and Smart Systems.

High-quality fingerprint image: The device produces high-resolution flat optical fingerprint images, ensuring accurate and reliable fingerprint identification.

Easy-to-use: The fingerprint scanner is designed for single-handed use, making it simple and intuitive to operate.

USB connectivity: The device can be directly connected to a computer or laptop via USB, making it easy to transfer fingerprint data.

Versatile: The fingerprint scanner can be integrated into various devices, such as safes, fingerprint locks, and smart home systems, providing secure and convenient access control.

Compact and portable: The fingerprint scanner is lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry and store, making it ideal for various applications.


Platen area: L0.65” x W0.83” (16. 4mm x 21.1mm)

Active platen area: L0.6” x W0.8” (15.24mm x 20.32mm)

L300 * W400 pixels

Resolution: 500dpi±1%

Image distortion: ≤1%

Image gray range: ≥210 grayscales

Grayscale: 8-bit, 256 levels

Connecter/Power: USB 2.0

Dimension: L56 x W31.5 x H13.4mm (DF200 Module)

L59.1 x W48.5 x H18.5mm (DF200S Device)

PC requirement:

Win7, Win10, 32 or 64bits;

1.7GHz CPU, 1G RAM, 80G disk, USB 2.0 compliant ports at least.



   FBI Standard CJIS IAFIS Image Quality Specifications (IQS) for Personal Identity Verification (PIV) Mobile ID FAP 20.

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