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Products > 2500W Computing Power Supply
2500W  Computing Power Supply
2500W  Computing Power Supply 2500W  Computing Power Supply 2500W  Computing Power Supply 2500W  Computing Power Supply
Product name : 2500W Computing Power Supply
Product No. : 2024227102715
Color : silver
Input Voltage : 180V-300VAC
Weight : 
Certifications : CE ROHS
Size : 257×110×44mm
Interface : 
Operating Temperature : 
Capture Mechanism : 
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Introducing the YTT250012P – a powerful and efficient solution for your industrial power needs. With a wide voltage range support, high efficiency, and robust protection features, this power supply is designed to elevate the performance of ASIC computing power servers, industrial computers, and various industrial equipment.

Key Features:

Wide Voltage Range Support:

Adaptability at its best! This power supply supports a broad voltage range from 180-300Vac, ensuring stability and reliability in diverse power environments.
High Power Supply Efficiency:

Experience outstanding efficiency with a 92% rating, delivering maximum power while maintaining a compact and space-saving design.
Comprehensive Protection:

Your equipment is safeguarded with overvoltage, overcurrent, and overtemperature protection, ensuring longevity and reliability.
IT Equipment Security Standard Compliance:

Designed in compliance with Information Technology Equipment Security Standard, providing the latest in security for IT equipment.
Certification Standards:

CE and FCC certification ensure that the product adheres to international standards of quality, safety, and performance.
Application Scenarios:
Perfectly suited for a variety of applications including:

ASIC Computing Power Servers
Industrial Computers
Industrial Equipment
Specification Parameters:

Product Model: TT250012P
Rated Input Voltage: 200-290Vac
Output Voltage: +12Vdc
Output Current: 185A
Power: 2500W
Efficiency: 92%
Dimensions (L×W×H): 257×110×44mm
Elevate your industrial power solutions with the YTT250012P, where adaptability meets efficiency. Trust in its reliability and cutting-edge design for your power-intensive applications.

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